Look What I Can Do!

My resume for being an outspoken bad-ass bish is deep, but that comes from experiences and growth. Through my many years of community building, performing, and coaching, not to mention the endless self hatred and the agony of failing, I have learned to shift my perspective and my focus. Basically, my goal is to "boss-up" and to lift everyone else around me.

Please contact me for any of the following services.


Writing and Editing

I have been a writer and editor for just long enough to be comfortable with the self loathing. In 2012, I, along with a handful of wanna be writers, worked to build the skills and steel nerves to be actual writers. Our group has accomplished so much in that time including launching a live show, submitting and publishing outside of our group, publishing our own anthology, and one of our writers even went on to publish a web series with an actor who won an Emmy for his role in it. 


Perform, Emcee, Public Speaking

Whether it's storytelling, comedy, or to discuss the importance of feminism, gender roles, domestic violence advocacy, race issues, or how horrible it is to be a parent, I have something to say. I'm a charmer with a big mouth and a lifetime of varied experiences to discuss the complexities of being a human.


Teaching, Workshops, and Your Creative Captain

The best gift I have to offer, besides my award winning smile (self awarded) is my ability to help others. I built a sports league from the ground up in 2004. I learned a lot about team building, motivation, focus, and failure, in addition to organizing, project management, and the power of saying, "Why not?" I've been hired to teach workshops or speak about writing, feminism, and consent. I have also worked with creatives to help direct them in their work. OH! I also started a bike team last year where I convinced a dozen or so folks to  bike over 100 miles in a single day because I motivate people like that.