Professional Summary: Freelance editor and writer; teacher and coach focusing on accountability, advocacy, and creative workshops. A multifaceted individual with vision and the project management skills needed to create a custom tailored plan to fit the needs of clients. Fearless and resourceful enough to take on the biggest challenges.

Workshops, Moderator,
& Emcee

NQAPIA Growing Home Conference: Emcee events for national conference in San Francisco; 5 events over 4 days with script and guests changes to a highly tuned in audience comprised of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Asian Americans, South Asians, Southeast Asians, and Pacific Islanders

Horizon Science Academy: Conversation and slide show presentation with students 9 - 12th grade to discuss gender roles and feminism

North Park University: Performance and storytelling workshop with college students on how to generate ideas and how to transform simple life moments into stories

Latin School of Chicago: Storytelling and writing workshop with a target of moving students from idea to stage in 70 minutes. Workshop included idea generation, writing drills, and stage presentation

The Fear Experiment: 10 week (3 hours each) course with adults who fear public speaking; course included all of the above, methods on how to conquer stage fright, to actual stage time in front of 700 people

Drinkers with Writing Problems Writing Workshop: Worked with 25 adults who dabbled in the idea of writing to discuss writing tools, exercises, and methods of approach; writers were also given resources about how to continue their journey in addition to being connected with each other to move forward



20x2 Chicago
Rat Pack Comedy
Mother Cluckers
Plagiarist Salon
Tuesday Funk
Backside Stories & Documentary
Essay Fiesta
Are You Man Enough?
Laughs in the Lounge
Las Locas Comedy

Chicago Women's Funny Festival
Lady Laughs Festival
The Kates
You're Being Ridiculous
Outspoken (LGBTQIA)
The Stoop
Write Club
Fillet of Solo
Homewood Stories
Miss Spoken


Girls Rock Fundraiser
KAN-WIN Fundraiser
NQAPIA Catalyst Awards
826 Chi After School Program
Lit Crawl
Louder than a Mom
The Skewer
Story Sessions
....and many more

Other Things You May Want to Know

  • Current daily hustle is Chicago public servant
  • Sent to Tokyo, Japan for 30 days to represent Rotary International's Group Study Exchange Program
  • Awarded a trip to Nepal and Bangladesh by World Chicago as a legislative representative
  • Fat Heauxs - LOVE  IT, FOLLOW IT
  • Connoisseur of Chicago cuisine, if you need recommendations call me!
  • Ridiculous encyclopedia of 80s true crime stories